Hotel in 9

Hotel in 9 is in proximity with COEX, the center for business in Seoul and within 1 minute of walk from the subway line 9 - Bongeunsa Station Exit 3 - direct line connected to the airport.
Hotel in 9 will always strive to provide the heartfelt service to the customers with the highest commitment and service-centered mind.
We promise comfortable stay with the high quality Ace-mattresses and Hungarian goose down beddings, and top quality materials. During the stay with us, we will provide the best of the best value to the customers.

The business essentials such as quality service and sky dining, unique bath lounge, convenient meeting rooms and banquet hall, etc. will make it a step easier for customers to find their customized business necessities at Hotel in 9. Realize your dream business life looking over the stunning view of COEX, Bongeunsa, and Han River.

Make the moment extra special through the outdoor wedding watching over the scene of Han River and skyline view dining at FESTIVA.
Find the extraordinary relaxation spot in the heart of the city.

Core value pride of hotel in 9

1 - Our top priority is to provide comfortable sleeping environment for our customers.
2 - We will achieve high customer satisfaction through our friendly and quality service.
3 - Our location will contribute to balancing the customer's business and healthy life.
4 - We promise bright smile and high quality service to our customers.
5 - We will provide the sincerest service to differentiate your hotel experience.