Rooftop Wedding

It is a Hotel in 9 wedding that gives a spectacular view that not only Han River view but also Lotte Tower and Namsan Tower can be seen at a glance.

Hotel In 9 is a romantic place hidden in the heart of Gangnam, offering a panoramic view and a memorable wedding for the bride and groom alone. You can have a private and leisurely ceremony in a small-scale, 50-150-person wedding.
As a partner, Choimun is in charge of a variety of wedding ceremonies at a luxury hotel, and with a variety of wedding experiences and excellent sense, it will offer a beautiful flower decoration and the best wedding.

Reservations & Inquiriestel .02-311-9036/

  • Guidelines

    22F Rooftop garden

  • Operating Hours

    Available according to reservations that fit the event schedule

  • Pricing

    Telephone consultation


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